Latest Fly News, Roy Cronacher is second regestered angler to Catch a IGFA Royal Fly Billfish Slam!

Good Morning from my world HQ:

My good friend/client Roy Cronacher caught and released this Black Marlin on 20-pound test IGFA class Tippet on fly. Roy is fishing in Exmouth, Australia with Captain Jono Shales aboard Jono’s outboard-powered charter boat.

Roy Cronacher’s first Black Marlin on Fly, IGFA 20 pound class tippet, February 22, 2018

By catching this Black Marlin on Fly, Roy Cronacher has just become the second fly angler in the world to register and document with the IGFA the catching of a Royal Billfish Royal Slam on fly. An IGFA Billfish Royal Fly Slam is accomplished by catching 9 species of Billfish on fly, using 20-pound test (or lighter) breaking strength class Tippet. The species are: Atlantic Sailfish, Pacific Sailfish, White Marlin, Atlantic Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, Black Marlin, Spearfish, and Swordfish. 

Congratulations to Captain Jono Shales on catching this Black Marlin for my friend, job well done. And most of all Congratulations to Roy Cronacher, you took on this challenge, I watched you catch most of these fish including both Blue Marlin. You worked your butt off to catch those Swordfish, then traveled and put in the time, practice, and research to make this happen. You, my friend, are a world class angler.

Marty Arostegui completed his IGFA Royal Billfish Fly Slam less than a year ago, to become the first recognized by The IGFA. Roy is now the second, this is a big deal, during my lifetime of fly fishing for Billfish I still need a Swordfish to get my Royal Slam. I also have 10 more clients and friends who need one or two species of Billfish to reach this once, thought to be an impossible feat. I helped Roy with many of his fish, and am so proud of the small part I played in helping both Roy and Marty to reach their quest. I plan to be back at it trying to get that Swordfish while in the Keys during my Tarpon season (April and May), of 2018.

Roy was using his awesome Mako #9700 fly reel.

More reports to follow, I love my Job