Mako Reel 9600S Large Spey Reel


MAKO reels are made of complex and highly machined components that eliminate the need for useless hardware. Appearing as nearly one piece units our reels are comprised of precision machined components fitted together. Although expensive to machine, this provides uncompromised strength and beauty. Thus when under severe conditions the spool does not bend, the handle does not break and the drag system continues to perform flawlessly.

Large Spey Reel & Spool
5 inch diameter
13.8 ounces

9600S Spool
300 yards 50#GS with 750gr Skagit
300 yards 50#GS with 10 Long Bellied Spey line


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Mako Reel 9600s Large Spey Reel

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Platinum, Black, Stealth, Platinum on Black, Turquoise on Black, Magenta on Black, Black on Platinum, Turquoise on Platinum, Magenta on Platinum

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