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Jack Charlton entered the high-end fly reel market in 1993. The quality, design, and workmanship in the original Charlton set new standards for the modern fly fishing reel. Over recent years, these Charlton reels have now become collector pieces in their own right for their extreme superiority to quality.

All reels continue the Jack Charlton design and features of the legendary Signature Series reels; fully sealed with o-rings and proprietary carbon impregnated Teflon lip seals, oversized calibrated drag knobs with one turn stop to stop providing the full range of drag, multi-disk full contact carbon fibre drag system utilizing “button technology” to eliminate start-up friction, “taperloc” quick change spools and a 3 ball bearing spindle assembly. These new reels are produced to the highest machining standards and the polish and finish second to none.

Mako Reels Inc. began in 2005 by Jack and Judy along with Mark Vorobik and Jake Jordan. In 2007 Mako Reels launched its first model to compete in the high-performance fly fishing market. Today MAKO is well known by the hardcore, obsessive fly fisherman that expects perfection. The precision and craftsmanship that goes into each individual reel is what makes our products, as some call a work of art! We are beloved by the most passionate of anglers who expect the quality and reliability of a high-end fishing reel. We are the standard by which all other fly reels are measured.

In 2011, after Jack passed away, Judy decided to continue the MAKO brand and Jacks legacy, running the company up until her retirement in 2015. Mark Vorobik then stepped into the role as director of operations, running the business until June of 2018 where he brought on Nick Garcia to help streamline production, inventory management, and business development. Mark and Nick are collectively working on ways to continuously enhance the quality of production, and processes while maintaining if not exceeding the quality Jack and Judy expected.