Dragknob Indicators

Congratulations of your purchase of the new Mako Tournament Edition.
One of the key features of Mako Reels is the one turn, ‘lock-to-lock’ drag knob. The reel is calibrated to produce the same amount of dynamic line tension at any given setting time after time (even after years of use). You may also leave and return to a specific setting multiple times in the fight, without ever losing track of your drag settings. 
The Tournament Reel has been designed such that you can use the enclosed ‘markers' to indicate that every time at the exact rotational position, you are getting the exact amount of pound running line tension.
To indicate the drag tension on your Mako Reel:
1. Understanding Drag Settings: Familiarize yourself with the drag system of your Mako reel. Understand how the drag adjustment knob works and its effect on line tension. 
2. Identify Desired Settings: Determine the specific drag settings you want to mark - ie 4 lbs, 6 lbs, 8lbs of pressure. 
3. Measuring: Using a hand scale (such as a Chatillion Model IN-15 or a Boga Grip), test your reel's drag settings by pulling on the line with a scale. Gradually increase the tension until the desired drag setting is achieved. This will also help you understand how much drag each setting represents. It is often the case that a small amount of drag feels much heavier than we think. 
4. Marking Method: Use the 'Mako Reel Co.' at the top of your reel as the reference point to align with your drag indicators. 
5. Marking Locations: Insert the indicators in the closest dragknob hole associated with the measured tension below the Mako logo
6. Precision and Clarity: Different colour indicators have been provided for multiple settings
By following these instructions, you can effectively set drag markings on your Mako reel, enhancing your fishing experience and performance on the water.