Mako Reel Corporation is a Washington based Fly Reel producer that has been providing well designed and durable fly reels for lovers of the fly reel fishing sport, all over the world. Our products are both classy, dogged and are structured to survive both the cold of Bluewater fishing and the harsh elements of saltwater fishing. It’s suitable for the adventurous fisherman or hobbyist who loves to work hard and play hard and can be easily used by both a newbie and a pro. With our reels, fly fishing is more of a fun adventure than an activity – it’s an attitude and a way of life.

 Mako Reel Co. was started by Jack Charlton, a fly fishing lover, and an adventurer. He began his career in precision aerospace machining in 1965 in the Los Angeles area, where he worked for companies producing components for the leaders in the high technology arena. In 2011, Jack passed away, and Judy Charlton decided to continue the Mako brand, so both Jack and his legacy would live on. She managed the company up until her retirement in 2015. After her retirement, Mark Vorobik stepped into the role of director of operations, running the business until June of 2018 when he brought on Nick Garcia to help facilitate production, inventory management, and business development.

Since then, Mark has transitioned into the role of senior advisor, while Nick has taken on the role of director of operations and general manager, maintaining the standards Jack and Judy set.

Where we are today

Today, our products are valued as one of the most hardcore and durable fly reels preferred by passionate and adventurous fishermen who value perfection. We invest precision and detailed unique craftsmanship in each product, and this makes both our reel and the user stand out anywhere they find themselves, making our brand a favorite amongst anglers who have an eye for quality and reliability of a high-end fishing reel.

One thing is certain - We set the standard by which all other fly reels are measured.

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