As a born Floridian, Captain David Mangum has spent the better part of his 40 years on the region’s local waters. Having grown up in Destin, David’s passion for fishing was cultivated from a young age. “Thru the years, I have witnessed the evolution of our fisheries here on the Panhandle, and that knowledge has played an important role in my guide career.” David’s local history is translated to his day-to-day guiding. “Where they are and when they are there changes with the day, month, and even over the years. You have to be on the water everyday to experience these changes first hand.”

Well versed in light tackle and offshore fishing, David’s passion is fly fishing. This pursuit has found him guiding in Alaska, Colorado, Texas, Puerto Rico, and all over the Bahamas. Because of his extensive fly fishing resume, David understands the very specific needs of the shallow water fly fishing client. “Sight fishing is what we specialize in, there is nothing like stalking the fish, making that great cast, then watching the fish eat your fly!”

David takes his passion for the marine world and it’s images a step further – he translates them to canvas. An accomplished oil painter, David’s work can be seen throughout the south in both public and private collections, and in Old Florida Outfitters in Watercolor. A visit to David’s studio will find him either at his easel or at the tying vise. “I tie all my “working flies” and especially enjoy experimenting with new tarpon patterns”. Of all the species David guides his clients to, none rival his obsession with the Tarpon. “I consistently started hooking, (not landing mind you) Tarpon on the fly here in the Panhandle about 17 years ago, since then I have become completely and totally obsessed.”