Marina Gibson

Marina Gibson is a highly acclaimed fishing instructor, guide, and dedicated conservationist. As the Founder of the Northern Fishing School at Swinton Estate in North Yorkshire, Marina has successfully taught the art of fly fishing to an impressive number of over 400 individuals annually. Her passion for angling extends beyond instruction, as she is also a co-founder of the Cancer and Pisces Trust charity. This charitable organization aims to enrich the lives of cancer sufferers through the therapeutic pastime of angling, fostering connections with both the natural world and fellow individuals facing similar challenges.

Having made a bold decision to leave her city life behind, Marina now embarks on global adventures with her fly rod, showcasing her unwavering enthusiasm as an avid saltwater angler whenever she can escape from work commitments. She has had the privilege of fishing in extraordinary locations such as the Seychelles, Christmas Island, Belize, Mexico, Cuba, and Los Roques, and she eagerly anticipates expanding her bucket list with even more remarkable destinations.

With a substantial social media following, Marina serves as an inspiring figure, encouraging others to discover joy and fulfillment in the great outdoors. Leveraging her platform, she effectively raises awareness about crucial matters such as salmon stocks, environmental concerns, and the manifold health benefits associated with fly fishing.